Based on an original idea of Sébastien Gindre

Mobile public readings

Confesse is a new mobile space dedicated to a unique form of reading.

A sort of gigantic bookseller's stall, fallen from the sky... The process of confession is reversed. It is the stall that speaks through a mashrabiya. The audience comes to listen to a voice or to several voices reading a text, a book or a poem. You will be able to find it in Paris throughout the festival, sometimes in the Picasso Museum, sometimes in the gardens of the 4th arrondissement city hall, and even in public parks. Let yourself be swept away by the seductive voices of Confesse. Come listen to a story told by one or even several voices from the French theatrical scene. Every day, Confesse, as its name goes, will offer you the possibility to rediscover surprising books, or little-known ones, licentious or forgotten volumes, and fragments from forlorn philosophies (from Rûmi to Philip K. Dick, right through to Baffô, Huxley, Kafka, and numerous nameless writers)... Walk into the shadowy den of sensation. Come hear their confessions !


Books selected : « Volontiers je la décrirai », Jacques Poulain, 1998, Ed Sulliver. / « Sous un poirier sauvage », Ko Un, 2004, Ed Circé. / « Les techniciens du sacré », Jérôme Rothenberg, 2007, José Corti /  « Lettre au père », Franz Kafka, 1994, Petit Biblio Ombres. /  « Routes d’antan » (Xargatune droma), Papùsa , 2011, l’Harmattan. / « Le bateau-usine », Koyabashi Takiji, 2015, Allia. / « Septentrion », Louis Calaferte, 1993, Cercle du livre précieux. / « La clairefontaine », David Bosc, 2014, Verdier. / « Le cerveau noir de Piranèse », Marguerite Yourcenar, 2016, pagined’Arte. / Baffo, Poésies complètes...