TascaBeat do Rosario

Swing Fado

In Alfama, one of the oldest districts of Lisbon, there is an unusual and cosmopolitan place: the "TASCABEAT do ROSARIO". On Sundays, fadists and spectators, all generations together, make an appointment to share a unique moment around a new kind of fado. There was born, in a warm and moving atmosphere, a "Fadiagem", crossing of "fado" and  "vadio", in other words an unpredictable fado, which challenges fate!


Under the artistic direction of Pablo and Marta Miranda (from the band OqueStrada), fadists develop a music that mixes skilfully joy of life and saudade, popular songs and urban tones, accompanied by an unpublished assembly of instruments. An explosive cocktail of sensations that proves that fado can also become a cheerful and dancing music!


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On August 2nd from 19 hrs in Monfort Theatre
A story of Fado
By Jean-François Chougnier, director of the Museum of the civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea ( Mucem)


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