Sideways Rain

Alias Dance Company – Guilherme Botelho

Fourteen dancers, men and women, walking, running, falling, crossing paths, getting up, vanishing and then coming back to life. They advance, pushed by the same invisible vital force, which seems to be driving them indefatigably forward.

But where to? Toward a destiny which seems to be slipping through their fingers. From rock to wave, from the quiver of a cell to the movement of a comet, from a baby's first cry to an old man, choreographer Guilherme Botelho paints, layer after layer, the epic saga of life. On an electronic music score by Mexican composer Murcof, the dancers from the Alias Dance Company act out with incredible energy the birth of the universe, its forward march, its decline and its possible rebirth. Sideways Rain is a performance entirely devoted to pure movement, where physical prowess and artistic stance go hand in hand.

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