The Cassandra Syndrome

Yann Frisch

Is he really a clown? His nose is gray. Bundled up in a black coat, he wanders alone in the dark, compulsively eating his bananas, one after the other. With his unkempt hair and beard, he looks like a Greek shepherd or a bum. Yann Frisch enjoys considering the figure of the clown from the perspective of the tragedy of incredulity. Just like Cassandra, whose predictions no one believed, he would like to be taken seriously. But he is condemned to forever live like “a joke on two feet”. The spectator's laughter, a symptom of this tragicomedy, acts as both his nourishment and his curse. Yann Frisch and his partner in crime Raphaël Navarro, who shares his passion for mystification, create a dark universe at the nexus of prestidigitation, object theater, and clown performance. A fun albeit disconcerting show that will surely leave you baffled.

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